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Reiki Palm Stones

Andrew Holman is a Reiki Master practitioner that has been searching for a way to bring the healing power of Reiki into our daily lives. By pairing his practice with his pottery, he has been able to do just that!

Infusing ceramic objects with reiki started when he was taking his Reiki Master training with Neal at Inner Peace Harmony. Drew wanted to use distance healing in a way that could go beyond the typical practice of sending healing to people far away or to situations in the lives of loved ones.


He decided to make 5 reiki gnomes, that he carved the reiki symbols on and sent them out into the world to people he knew were struggling with many different things. He then cultivated a practice of sending reiki not to the individuals, but to the objects them selves. He knew that if he could focus on an object he could hold his meditative mind more easily on a larger picture. That was version 1.0 of the reiki palm stones. And, now its time for version 2.0. There are now several hundred palm stones out there in the world. Together, we all get to use this tool as a way to build a collective awareness and a pool of energy that can support us all. These stones also encourage us to build a practice of our own to give back to the collective when we are feeling at our best. The practice  can be quite simple really. Just holding your stone in your hand and finding your breath is great work. Setting your thoughts about the day or week to come aside just for 5 or 10 minutes a day can bring you a great deal of peacefulness into your life. Bask in the moment to moment awareness where the only thing that matters is that you get this miraculous moment to yourself. You deserve it! We all do. 

This symbol of the spiral centered in the palm is one that shows up all over the world in many different cultures.The spiral is used to infer the movement of energy. When the spiral is placed within a hand shape, as is found in many places in the southwestern USA, it is believed to be emitting energy, and is called a Shaman's Hand, or Healer's Hand. The hand with a spiral on the palm is now most often seen as a symbol of reiki, or energy healing. [source] 
We are all healers whether we want the responsibility or not! Every human heart is born with the innate ability to send healing energy anywhere in the world. you don't need a name for it or permission from an outside source to do it. It is your birthright! 
Anytime that you close your eyes and settle into the breath and you focus on someone you love and feeling just how easy it is to love them, you are sending them healing energy. Where the mind goes, energy flows! This will be much more widely known, understood, and practiced in the years to come.
Drew has taken this practice of distance reiki and applied it to the resonate quality of the clay he works with. The chemical composition of clay is mostly (Si) Silica. Silica is also what comprises quartz crystals, which we all know can be used to transmit radio frequencies and store information for computer chips. When the clay reaches 1064 degrees in the kiln, it goes though a chemical change and becomes bound as a crystalline matrix.....Just like a crystal! The only difference, is that it contains other earth minerals that allow these stones to not only resonate with each other, but also with our great earth mother.
Drew spends time each day sending reiki to every palm stone he has ever made. Together these objects have created a grid that help us all to experience the benefits of reiki energy in each and every day. Now we all have an opportunity to add to and benefit from a collective pool of energy that gets stronger each day. With our collective focus we can assist each other in being the resonate beings we were born to become.
This world, now more than ever, needs great healing. It is the work left for us to do by the great masters that have come and gone. If we just new our potential we might rise to the occasion and see a new world born of illumination and grounded intent.
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