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First and foremost, I must say that the good herb known as Marijuana is indeed a medicine. It is a substance that has been used throughout history for it's properties that nourish the body. I make this line of work knowing that many people abuses this plant and it leads many individuals to label others who gain much from taking it as a medicine as someone with poor moral character. It is time to set the dogma and social programing offered to us by "Big Pharma" aside so we can take advantage of what spirit has put right here in the garden. People are curing cancer, softening depression and anxiety, and even stopping epileptic seizures with this wonderful plant. I encourage mindful consumption with this line of work. How people choose to use these pipes is none of my concern. 

Part of the disconnect the human race is experiencing, in my opinion, has to do with the fact that we have been striped of our cultural rituals and we no longer hold anything sacred. We no longer make offerings as sacrament in any way that has meaning to us. We eat the bread and we drink the wine, but that's some ritual that some human gave us. The Good Herb is from our sweet mamma planet. It is sacred and should be treated as such. Make your consumption of this wonderful plant a moment where you hold sacred, what ever it is you hold sacred. This line of ceramic works is to encourage just that. I make hand pipes, corked jars, smudging/cache trays, and water pipes (Bongs!). May these tools be used to reconnect us to our own ritual and a sense of well being in body, mind, and spirit.


Current Works

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