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   “Artists are superheros with super powers. And those powers should first and foremost be used for the collective awakening of mankind” (Womankind) ~ Chris Dyer in Positive Creations


Welcome to Andrew Holman's Artist Web Page!

First and foremost Thank you for spending your time being interested in not only his Ceramics, but also the plethora of other heart centered projects that he focuses on.

Drew's biggest aspiration in life is to do just what the above quote use his talents and skills to assist the collective awakening of humanity. All his projects, be it his music or the kombucha project are focused on just that!

He is excited to announce that he has found a way to use his ceramics as a conduit of healing for the collective. We are all healers, whether we want to honor that responsibility or not. If you would like to learn more Click here!

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